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Comment Brazil vs Venezuela 07:30 on 11/14

The Brazil vs Venezuela match at the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers in South America will take place at 07:30 on November 14, Vietnam time. This competition will take place at Morumbi Stadium.

Comment on the match Brazil vs Venezuela

Referring to Venezuela is referring to the delicious rival of Brazil as well as other powerful forces in South America. As for Brazil, the last time they let Venezuela defeat took place 12 years ago. The last 3/4 times they met, the victory was in favor of Brazil.

But again and again, Venezuela is improving day by day. They don’t own many big stars, but their cohesive gameplay and unyielding fighting spirit have made a team very difficult to beat. The good record in the recent Copa America finals shows that.

Today, Venezuela’s discomfort promises to be expressed in the context of Brazil losing its most important star, Neymar, to injury. This player is in pain while wearing the PSG shirt and has not yet set a return date. Losing him, the attack power of the Samba Dance Company will decrease, but the Richarlison, Coutinho … are able to cover, although it may not be 100% like when Neymar is present.

Richarlison is capable of replacing Neymar

Brazil’s reliance on Neymar is as great as his club’s. Remember the 2014 World Cup at home, when Brazil lacked a 28-year-old player due to injury, they lost 1-7 to Germany and that was the match that made Samba’s football collapse.

Recent form of Brazil vs Venezuela

But from another angle, Brazil’s dependence on Neymar is decreasing. Without Neymar in Copa America 2019, Brazil still won the championship convincingly with new stars Everton, Richarlison and the stability of Coutinho.

For that reason, Gabriel Jesus believes Selecao will be strong, despite Neymar’s absence from this call-up: “Obviously people have talked a lot about the importance of Neymar to PSG and the Brazilian national team. He is always giving and I admire Neymar’s efforts. But when it comes to the national team, everyone has to share the responsibility, you can’t just blame it on Neymar. He can’t carry all the teams.”

Obviously these thoughts should be replicated in the Brazilian national team. After a series of 5 consecutive matches without winning in the friendly series, when entering the official tournament, Brazil showed the image of a regional big brother with 3 consecutive victories. Even every game they score at least 3 goals.

With Venezuela, there is a slight decline when the last 2 qualifying matches they all lost and finished at the bottom of the table. But Venezuela’s opponents are all quite strong, like Colombia and Paraguay. In general, the last 5 matches Venezuela still plays quite impressively with 3 victories. Today, it may be difficult for them to hope to earn 3 points but 1 point is still within reach of Venezuela, if they maintain stability in the game.

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