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Comment Romania vs Germany 01h45 on March 29

The match Romania vs Germany in the World Cup Qualifiers for the 2020/21 season will take place at 01:45 on March 29, Vietnam time. This competition will take place at Arena Națională.

Review the match Romania vs Germany

After a 3-0 victory over Iceland in the opening match, the German team is currently leading Group J. Second is their opponent in the next match, the middleweight team of European football: Romania.

It is not difficult for us to see that the difference in squad quality between the two teams is huge. The German team with many stars is still the brightest candidate for the top of the group. Romania along with Iceland will be said to compete for 2nd place for a place in the play-off match.

Welcoming the weaker team in all aspects Romania will be a great opportunity for the German tank to have a jubilant victory in the second match. This is very common because the German team is gradually regaining stability. fixed and the stars are in the best shape.

On the home side, Romania is showing itself as a team with a rather uncomfortable play. The proof is that they have a 3-2 victory over North Macedonia. Before this confrontation, fans can see that Germany and Romania both possess quality attack. Before that, both had more than 15 goals against opponents in the last 10 matches. Germany will still have an easy victory in this match.

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Romania vs Germany recent form

According to the last 10 matches, Germany all played in accordance with their own form, they only lost 1/10 matches. Meanwhile, the number of defeats of Romainia is 4/10 matches. In addition, in the last 2 confrontations, Germany both won by a difference against Romania.

At home, the head-to-head record of the Romainia team is relatively impressive. In the last 10 matches, Romania got 5 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. On the other side of the front line, the German tank’s away record was less than impressive. In the last 10 matches, they lost 4 matches, drew 1 and got 5 wins.

Historically, both teams have met each other four times. Germany is the dominant team with 2 wins, Romania won 1 match and 1 draw between the two teams. It can be seen that all the parameters speak for the dominance of the German team in this match. Therefore, 3 points in the next match will not be unexpected for the German team.

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