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Comments Argentina vs Ecuador 07:10 on October 9

The match between Argentina and Ecuador in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in South America will take place at 07:10 on October 9 in Vietnam time. This competition will take place at Alberto Jose Armando Stadium.

Predict the match Argentina vs Ecuador

Argentina will enter the first match in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in South America and their opponent is Ecuador. If in previous years, Argentina would be very difficult against Ecuador, now the situation is different. While Argentina is regaining strength, Ecuador has lost its “disruptive” position.

This team is now only ranked in the “bottom tray”, even on par with the bottom teams in South America like Venezuela or Bolivia. Because over the years, Ecuador no longer produces players who can play in Europe. Their star, at best, can only play in Brazil or Argentina itself. Perhaps the most famous player of this team is just Enner Valencia, who used to play for Valencia and is currently playing for Fenerbahce club.

So with the advantage of home field, along with a much stronger squad, it is likely that Argentina will start smoothly with 3 points, even winning strongly against Ecuador.


Recent form of Argentina vs Ecuador

Argentina is in good form. They are going through a series of 7 unbeaten matches, including 4 wins. Of these, it was Argentina who “made” the Ecuadorian team with a bold score of 6-1, even though it was a match Lionel Messi did not appear on the field.

It was this 1-6 loss to Argentina that helped Ecuador realize that they were lagging behind their regional rivals. Since the generation of Antonio Valencia, Ecuador is now just an unknown player. Statistics show that, in the last 4 encounters with Argentina, Ecuador was overwhelmed with 3 defeats and 2 defeats they all conceded 3 or more goals.

Therefore, it will not be too surprising if in the match tomorrow morning, teachers and coaches Scaloni will have a strong victory, even if they do not have the service of main striker Sergio Aguero due to injury.

On the Ecuador side, the force is poor, they also have a very bad away form. In the last 13 trips, they lost 10 matches, and won only 2 times. With such a weak team, it will be difficult for them to hope to make a surprise on this trip to Argentina.

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