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The Gibraltar vs Netherlands match in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers will take place at 01:45 on March 31, Vietnam time. This match will take place at Gibraltar Stadium.

Predict the match Gibraltar vs Netherlands

The Netherlands has just received a defeat against Turkey in the opening match of the 2022 World Cup qualifying journey. They have found their joy again with a strong victory over Europe’s favorite opponent, Latvia, shortly after. . But surely they will not want to stop, because today the Netherlands will meet another small team, even the weakest in the group: Gibraltar.

Excluding EURO 2020 (which will take place from June to July next), the Netherlands Tel is absent from the two biggest recent playgrounds, EURO 2016 and World Cup 2018. Their loss 2-4 to Turkey Ky right in the opening match pushed this team into a disadvantageous position. Remember, the first team in the group has a ticket to continue, the second team only has a ticket through the play-off door.

Therefore, the Netherlands losing to Turkey is already lagging behind in the race with its competitors. Remember, in Group G, there are also Norway and Montenegro. And the prospect of teacher and coach Frank de Boer sitting at home watching the World Cup like in 2018 is entirely possible.

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Gibraltar vs Netherlands recent form

During the 2018 World Cup qualifiers in Europe, the Netherlands won only 2/8 matches of the whole journey and deserved no tickets to the biggest football festival on the planet in Russia. Therefore, in order to avoid going into the same old pitfalls, the Orange Cyclone must win every battle on its journey ahead. Winning Gibraltar is not difficult, the problem is how much they will win to be able to compete in the secondary stats compared to the opponents in the table.

To complete the 3-point goal, De Boer will certainly have to make changes in personnel as well as tactics. These changes of De Boer will help the Orange Tornado surprise the opponent.

Gibraltar is not a big competitor. They were only in the bottom group in the past qualifiers. Fortunately, Gibraltar can only defeat San Marino, Liechtenstein… From 2015 to now, Gibraltar has only won 5 matches, the rest lost to… 22. Including a period when they lost 12 matches since November/ 2018 to 11/2019, scoring only 3 goals in this series of matches.

With such a poor past, the same house odds today, I’m afraid that according to betting experts, Gibraltar can hardly stand against the Netherlands today.

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