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Comments Paraguay vs Brazil 07:30 on June 9

The match Paraguay vs Brazil in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers will take place at 07:30 on June 9 in Vietnam time. This competition will take place at the Estadio Defensores del Chaco.

Review the match Paraguay vs Brazil

The next match of the South American World Cup qualifiers will be the match between the home team Paraguay and Brazil. Currently, the Brazilian team is still leading the group with 15 absolute points after 5 matches, followed by Argentina with 4 points less. Paraguay is currently ranked 4th with 7 points (including 1 win and 4 draws). Follow match, it is difficult for Paraguay to get the score in this match when facing a very strong Brazil with quality players.

The Brazilian team did not find it difficult to win the top of the group, the previous match they also defeated Ecuador lightly with a score of 2-0. After 4 matches, their difference is 14 and conceded 2 goals. Brazil’s chance to continue is natural when the opponents in the qualifying round are considered the bottom door for them.

Paraguay is not showing a difference in play when they have had 3 consecutive draws against Argentina, Bolivia and Uruguay. That affects their ability to continue. Currently, they are ranked in the position to attend the World Cup and only 2 points above the team ranked in 7th place Chile. If you want to secure the next place, Paraguay needs to have at least 1 point against Brazil in this match to decide the fate.

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Recent form of Paraguay vs Brazil

The Brazilian team is in very good form recently. They have a series of 6 consecutive wins, the last 10 matches they only received 2 defeats. Brazil’s away record is more impressive when they have won all of the last 10 outings.

On the other side of the front line, the Paraguayan team has not been in impressive form recently. In the last 10 matches, they won 3 wins, received 1 defeat and drew 6 matches. Paraguay’s home performance is worse when in the last 10 matches they have lost 4 matches, drawn 4 and won only 2 victories.

In the last 10 confrontations between the two teams, Brazil is gaining more advantage when it has won 3 matches, Paraguay has only won 2 victories and 5 draws between the two teams. With the current force, Brazil is still the more appreciated team in this match, according to odds, this will be their next win

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