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UAE coach highly appreciates Vietnam, confidently catches Thailand

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Yesterday (July 17), the draw for the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup took place at the headquarters of the Asian Football Confederation (Malaysia). Under the hands of the famous player Tim Cahill has brought few unexpected results. In it, witness an interesting Group G with the presence of 4 Southeast Asian teams including Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and a name from the No. 1 seed group, UAE.

With the UAE, many comments that the host team of the Asian Cup 2019 falls into a fairly easy group to worship. However, the head coach of this team, Bert van Marwijk, is still quite cautious, especially when it comes to Vietnam Tel.

The UAE coach highly appreciates Vietnam's fast attacking play
The UAE coach highly appreciates Vietnam’s fast attacking play

“Vietnam Tel has shown its unique level and ability to attack in the final round of the Asian Cup 2019 (held right in the UAE). They leave a special impression in the hearts of those who watch the tournament,” – the homepage of the UAE Football Federation (UAEFA) quoted the Dutch military leader.

Meanwhile, with Thailand, coach Bert van Marwijk has more confidence because the UAE has encountered War Elephants quite a lot in recent years: “Thailand is also a strong opponent in the table, but we understood. clear their strengths and weaknesses. The UAE met Thailand in the 2019 Asian Cup group stage, in addition to the two confrontations in the third qualifying round of the 2018 World Cup. In addition, we also met Malaysia in that second qualifying round,” he said.

Vietnam Tel reached the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup 2019 in the UAE
Vietnam Tel reached the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup 2019 in the UAE

Not only coach Bert van Marwijk, UAE media also highly appreciate the two leading representatives of Southeast Asia. Specifically, The National newspaper said that Vietnamese and Thai football are making significant progress and approaching Asia. Therefore, even in the group of opponents, it is expected that they will encounter tense confrontations.

According to the schedule, Vietnam Tel will face the UAE at home in the last match of the first leg on November 14 and a rematch away on June 9, 2020. Before that, in the opening match, coach Park Hang Seo’s teachers and students will face a charming opponent from Thailand away on September 5.

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