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Vietnam Tel falls into the group of Southeast Asia, what does Van Toan think?

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These lucky visits have made the Vietnamese team fall into the group considered “Southeast Asia Open” in the second qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup with opponents such as Malaysia, Indonesia or especially Thailand. Only the UAE is a name outside Southeast Asia in Group G, but it is also an unfamiliar opponent for Vietnamese football fans.

ket qua boc tham vong loai word cup 2022
Vietnam Tel entered Group G with 3 other Southeast Asian teams

Before an extremely unpredictable group, striker Nguyen Van Toan was still quite optimistic that this was not a difficult group for the Vietnamese team and even thought that this was convenient for moving. Answering reporters after finishing the match with Hanoi club, Van Toan said:

“Vietnam Tel falling into Group G with such opponents is also normal. I feel lucky because meeting Southeast Asian teams helps the team to travel far away and lose a lot of energy.”

dt viet nam roi vao bang dau toan dong nam a van toan nghi gi
Van Toan was quite comfortable with the group of Vietnam Tel

“The most difficult opponent is the Vietnamese team. We’ve had a lot of good games over the past few years, and hopefully the team will keep this form.” Van Toan shared.

Talking more about the goal that is more valuable than gold against Hanoi club, Van Toan added: “It’s been a long time since I’ve scored, which will give me a lot of confidence, as well as working hard to help the club achieve even more. Playing for the team that is loved by many people is stressful, but it is also a joy for me to express myself and continue to work hard to meet expectations.”

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