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Vietnam, the AFF Cup Open and the predestined confrontations in the World Cup qualifiers

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AFF Cup Open at the WOOD table

viet nam aff cup mo rong va nhung cap doi dau duyen no tai vong loai world cup

Group G is probably the most interesting group in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Asia with the presence of up to 4/5 teams from Southeast Asia. More specifically, the 4 teams of Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia are all “boggarts” in this region and have all understood each other too well.

Therefore, these will be extremely unpredictable matches. The match of two rivalries Vietnam – Thailand, the match that recreates the final of the AFF Cup 2018 Vietnam – Malaysia or the match full of hostility between Malaysia – Indonesia, Thailand – Malaysia will all become extremely attractive. guide.

In addition, the presence of the UAE in this group is also a perfect spice for an interesting group. That said, because despite being in group 1, the UAE is almost the weakest team in this group, therefore, all 4 Southeast Asian teams have the ability to beat the UAE. In addition, the UAE is also quite a predestined opponent for Vietnam Tel.

China and the debt to be paid to Syria in Group A

viet nam aff cup mo rong va nhung cap doi dau duyen no tai vong loai world cupdsf

Until now, Chinese football fans still have to mention the third qualifying round of the 2018 World Cup with regret. They played too badly in the early stages and couldn’t get themselves a playoff spot despite coming back strongly in the second half. In particular, the defeat at home to Syria is still too much of a pain for the Chinese team in this third qualifying round.

That will be the reason why the neighboring team with Vietnam will be very determined to take revenge on Syria in the upcoming meeting. In addition, the Philippines will also have the opportunity to reclaim its debt before the Chinese team when in the last Asian Cup, this Southeast Asian team lost to China 3 goals.

Australia and the feud with Jordan in Group B

viet nam aff cup mo rong va nhung cap doi dau duyen no tai vong loai world cupdfsdf

In the Asian Cup 2019, Australia participated as the defending champion of the tournament. But the defending champions had to receive an unexpected and unbelievable defeat in the first match. The opponent that made Australia hate at that time was the Jordan team.

Therefore, the lucky draw that puts Australia and Jordan in the same group once again will make this match even more remarkable.

Iran – Iraq, “deep love” in group C

viet nam aff cup mo rong va nhung cap doi dau duyen no tai vong loai world cup11

Not only are two countries sharing the same border, Iran and Iraq are also “acquaintances” of each other in the continental arena. These two teams have faced each other in the last 3 Asian Cups. In the last confrontation at the Asian Cup 2019, both teams were inconclusive.

Although Iran’s current position is very high, Iraq has never had to fear the neighboring team. The fact that they understand each other too well will make this matchup very worth watching in Group C.

The Great South Asian War in Group E

viet nam aff cup mo rong va nhung cap doi dau duyen no tai vong loai world cupfdgfn

Although it is difficult to say that India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh will create an earthquake against Oman or the reigning Asian champion Qatar in Group E, the confrontation between these three teams will still be very interesting.

If in Group G, we have the Southeast Asian Civil War or the expanded AFF Cup, in Group E is a miniature SAFF Cup with the presence of 3 South Asian teams. out of 5 teams present in Group E.

The confrontation between South and North Korea in Group H

viet nam aff cup mo rong va nhung cap doi dau duyen no tai vong loai world cupkljkl

The match between South Korea and North Korea will be a match not only in the category of a sport but also related to the political issues of these two countries. The “rice is not good, soup is not sweet” relationship between North Korea and South Korea is also one of the biggest problems in maintaining peace on the Korean peninsula for many years.

That said, the confrontation between the two football teams of these two countries will not stop at the meaning of a simple football match.

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