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Vietnam’s fixture in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers: Opening Thailand

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This afternoon (July 17), the draw for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers for Asia took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – the headquarters of the Asian Football Confederation.

Lucky draws have brought joy to Vietnamese fans. With being in the 2nd seed group, we fell into a fairly favorable group.

Accordingly, Vietnam will be in Group G with relatively gentle opponents: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the UAE.

With being placed in Group G, Vietnam will have a relatively favorable match schedule. Vietnam will be a guest on the field of group 3 Thailand on September 5.

Vietnam has fallen into a pretty easy group

On October 10, Vietnam will return to My Dinh Stadium to welcome the team of Group 4, Malaysia. 5 days later, Vietnam will be a guest on the field of group 5, Indonesia.

It was not until November 14 that Vietnam faced the team of the first seed group, the UAE, at My Dinh Stadium.

Then we will play the second leg on November 19 against Thailand at home. Be a guest to Malaysia’s stadium on March 31.

On June 4, they will return to My Dinh to welcome Indonesia. And the last match of the most difficult qualifying round is going to the UAE as a guest on June 9.


If we can play well against our opponents, we will be able to accumulate at least 15 to 18 points.

With such a score, the opportunity for Vietnam to win the right to enter the final round of the 2022 World Cup in Asia (corresponding to the ticket to the 2023 Asian Cup Finals) is possible.

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