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vong loai world cup 2022 khu vuc chau a san dau cua nhung doi thu nhieu duyen nofgfdg

Needless to say about the predestined relationship between Vietnamese football and UAE football. The first time Vietnam faced the UAE was in the opening match of the 2007 Asian Cup group stage held at My Dinh Stadium.

The students of coach Alfred Riedl created an earthquake when they defeated the UAE with a score of 2-0 with goals from Huynh Quang Thanh and Le Cong Vinh. This is an important victory to help Vietnam qualify for the group stage for the first time in the Asian Cup.

However, this is the only victory that Vietnamese football has against the UAE in the history of the two teams’ confrontation. We lost to the UAE in the 2015 Asian Cup qualifiers in both matches with the scores 1-2 at home and 0-3 away, respectively.

At young ages, U23 or Olympic Vietnam always have to hold a grudge against the UAE. We lost to UAE 1-3 in the round of 16 of ASIAD 2014. Then there was the 2-3 defeat of U23 Vietnam against U23 UAE in the final round of U23 Asia 2016 before the Olympic team Vietnam lost on penalties first. Olympic UAE at the third place match of ASIAD last year.

At the U19 level, Vietnam and the UAE have met 3 times, we also have no victory against the representative of West Asia (lost 2 and drew 1). Obviously, UAE football has always been a real “sluggish” with Vietnamese teams and this match will be extremely worth watching in the upcoming 2022 World Cup qualifiers.


vong loai world cup 2022 khu vuc chau a san dau cua nhung doi thu nhieu duyen no

Vietnam – Thailand. Just hearing the name of this match is enough to make football lovers of both countries extremely excited. The charm of this match will make the atmosphere in Group G World Cup qualifying more dramatic.

Despite being the “king of Southeast Asia” and just defeated Thailand 1-0 in the last match at King’s Cup 2019, it should be remembered that we are still losers if we talk about the history of confrontation with Thai football.

In total, in all the confrontations with Thai football at the SEA Games and AFF Cup, Vietnam only won 2 wins, drew 5 matches and lost 13 matches. Those statistics show why Thailand is so confident every time it confronts Vietnam.


vong loai world cup 2022 khu vuc chau a san dau cua nhung doi thu nhieu duyen noghjhgk

The match between Vietnam and Malaysia will be a replay of the 2018 AFF Cup final that took place late last year. At the present time, it is difficult to say that Malaysia is on par with the Vietnamese team. But also remember, how hard we worked to win the final victory over Malaysia.

In the past, there was a time when Malaysia Tel was like a nightmare for Vietnam when they made us extremely bitter defeats in the semi-finals of the AFF Cup 2010 and AFF Cup 2014. In addition, losing the title Winning the AFF Cup 2018 in the hands of Vietnam will make Malaysia compete with the highest determination to reclaim this debt.


vong loai world cup 2022 khu vuc chau a san dau cua nhung doi thu nhieu duyen noghgj

Indonesian football is struggling to find its footing in continental football after years of being punished by FIFA. However, Indonesia has never been “afraid” of Vietnam. The teams of thousands of islands always compete on equal footing with the Vietnamese teams in any situation.

In particular, the Indonesian players always play with a very passionate (even violent) spirit with a lot of tricks and tricks. This will be a difficult point for a Vietnamese team to play football based on technical background. Therefore, Indonesia will be a really tough opponent.

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